London City Airport Upgrades Its High-End Traveler Experience

The airport has added a new first-class lounge and cleared the Legacy 500 for landing…

Travelers to London have long enjoyed the convenience of London City Airport (opened in 1987), which offers the closest runway to the downtown business district. Now, the airport has added a first-class lounge at the Private Jet Centre for airline passengers. Arriving passengers and their luggage are met at the ramp, and within 90 seconds, they have cleared customs and are in a car en route to the lounge, where expedited immigration checks are completed. Travelers can enjoy the spacious lounge, with light refreshments and a new catering menu by Air Culinaire Worldwide. Departing passengers’ needs are taken care of by a discreet private security team with no need to stand in a line. Jet Centre staffers look after travelers’ luggage and provide an escort straight to the aircraft’s steps when it’s time to go.  

London City Airport is also a popular destination for private jets, but it requires special certification for every aircraft that operates there. A short runway, steep angles for approach and departure, and other operational controls create challenging takeoffs and landings. Recently, Embraer Executive Jets announced that its Legacy 500 midsize business jet has been approved for London City operations. The Legacy 500 can fly nonstop from London to destinations as far as Gander, Canada, or Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (londoncityairport.com)

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