Make Your Mark on the Sky with Custom Luminescent Displays for Private Jets

The programmable exterior graphics can display any logo, design, or artwork…

Aircelle, a new electro-luminescent technology that can display logos or custom messages on the exterior of business jets, is now fully approved and ready for the market. “The limit is your imagination,” says Serge Riere, operations director in charge of the project for French integrator Safran Nacelles. “We really don’t have limits in how designs, logos, wording, etc., are presented. We can create any size.” The programmable graphics can be applied to the jet exterior, and display any logo, design, or artwork. The system can program changes in colors, lighting density, the speed at which the graphic elements are presented, and how it is shown—flashing or fading, for example. The technology has already been demonstrated aboard an Airbus A380.

The displays are made of flexible, lightweight materials the same approximate thickness as a decal or sticker—just 300 microns thick. The power required is equivalent to what would be needed for a 60-watt light bulb. The system sells for a base price of $20,000 per square meter, which includes engineering, design, and installation. (safran-nacelles.com)

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