The Mercedes-Benz VIP Jet Cabin Is Like an S-Class in the Sky, But Better

The design concept incorporates technology found on Mercedes-Benz automobiles…

The design studio Mercedes-Benz Style lends the automaker’s signature aesthetic to a new VIP jet cabin design, produced in partnership with the German completion design center Lufthansa Technik. The dynamic design concept aims to break down the traditional jet layouts, introducing a spiral element that helps to create new independent spatial zones within the cabin. The sense of space is enhanced by Mercedes’ use of contrasting materials, color, and lighting. Mercedes describes the cabin design as “organic and homogeneous, like a DNA helix.”

The floors, walls, and ceilings create the illusion of flowing into each other. The cabin windows are concealed by panels inspired by the screen design in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, using the Magic Sky technology found in the car that allows passengers to control how much light can pass through them. Touchscreens and video displays also can be integrated into the panels.

Mercedes and Lufthansa Technik say they plan to continue developing the design in the coming months, as they assess the level of customer interest in the VIP market. (mercedes-benz.com)

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