Midsize: Gulfstream G150

Travelers in need of a jet with a transcontinental range might not imagine that the Gulfstream G150 (912.965.3000, www.gulfstream.com)—the smallest jet in the venerable Gulfstream line—would be a candidate. Yet, surprisingly, this little jet delivers. Capable of making nonstop legs from New York to Los Angeles, or from California to Hawaii, the G150 is an excellent performer for an aircraft in this category.

The G150’s cabin is longer and wider than that of its predecessor, the G100. This change imparts a more spacious feel and provides extra shoulder room and a wider aisle. To minimize the effects of jet lag on passengers, 100 percent fresh air is filtered into the cabin, and 11 windows provide plenty of natural light. Combined with a 50-cubic-foot external baggage compartment that can store more than 1,000 pounds, these amenities ensure that passengers aboard the G150 arrive at their destination not only energized but with as much luggage as they require. The G150 sells for approximately $15 million.

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