Midsize: Hawker 750

The Hawker 750 (316.676.0800, www.hawkerbeechcraft.com) utilizes the same Honeywell engines and Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite as the 800XP from which it was developed. On the 750, however, Hawker Beechcraft replaced one of the fuel tanks with a 32-cubic-foot heated storage area. This adjustment created an abundance of baggage space and reduced the plane’s weight, boosting runway performance. While the 750’s cabin has dimensions similar to those of the 800XP, Hawker Beechcraft limited some of the customization options for the interior to help produce a more competitive midsize jet with a lower price tag than the 800XP.

The 750 can transport nine passengers and their baggage over 2,300 miles nonstop. Landing at major airports presents no problems for the 750, which can also negotiate gravel or grass runways—a rare capability for a jet of this size. The 750 is priced at about $13 million.

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