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With Hundreds of Empty Legs, This Private Jet Charter Is Offering Big Discounts on Holiday Flights

Just in time for the holidays.

New Flight Charters Courtesy of New Flight Charters

Commandeering your very own private plane for the holidays just got a little cheaper. New Flight Charters has announced that it has more than 200 upcoming empty legs from the country’s top private aircraft available.

For those unversed in the charter ways, empty legs are flights without passengers on board which occur when an aircraft needs to be moved to another location. If a private jet is required to fly from Houston to Denver to either start a charter or return back to base, it could be rerouted for a Dallas to Aspen empty legs flight at a lower than normal cost. In fact, pricing is typically 30 to 50 percent lower than standard charter costs.

“When an empty leg matches up with a flight need, there is no better value in private flying,” said New Fight Charters’ president Rick Colson.

New Flight Charters

Courtesy of New Flight Charters

As a small sampling of flights available on the current Empty Legs List, you can now book a trip from San Francisco to Seattle in a Challenger 350—which was the most delivered business jet of 2017—for the cool price of $14,500. For the same exact flight, in the same exact plane, you would usually have to to fork out around $30,000 when using regular private charter firms. If you’d prefer a tropical holiday, there’s also a flight from New Jersey to the Bahamas in the midsize business jet Hawker 800XP for $17,700, which would typically cost around the $25,000 mark.

Ready to book for your private plane the holidays? The full list of available flights can be easily accessed via the online Empty Legs List and the company’s best price guarantee—the only one in the industry—also applies. Quotes will vary since each empty leg charter is unique, but it’s safe to say you can expect a healthy discount. Happy travels!

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