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New From Beechcraft: Hawker 200, Short-field King Air

Hawker Beechcraft has beefed up its single-pilot composite-fuselage Premier II jet with new winglets and the latest Williams International jet engines and rebranded it as the Hawker 200. The new $7.5 million jet can fly as high as 43,000 feet, and the warranty and maintenance intervals have increased. First deliveries are scheduled for late 2012. Hawker Beechcraft also recently introduced the King Air 250, its latest variant in the venerable twin-turboprop cabin-class line. The design has been carefully tweaked to reduce weight, while new composite winglets enhance short-field performance. The result: The more-than 1,000 airports that were too short for older models are now available for takeoffs and landings. The 250 sells for $5.8 million, and deliveries start in 2011. (800.949.6640, www.hawkerbeechcraft.com)

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