A New Look for Sikorsky

Until we all have flying cars, a helicopter is the next-best thing for getting to and from a city center, where airplanes can’t go. And Sikorsky’s venerable S-76 workhorse, originally designed to meet the hefty demands of offshore oil-rig operators, now brings its reliable efficiency uptown with the new D model. A luxurious new whisper-quiet, climate-controlled cabin is ready for work or relaxation, with all the comforts of an executive jet?club seating, satellite phones, entertainment systems, and custom woodwork. A sleek, streamlined exterior enhances the helo’s curb appeal. New composite rotor blades and two powerful Pratt & Whitney engines provide up to 1,000 pounds of extra lift, while extended range and enhanced all-weather capabilities aim to get you where you need to go. The D, which flew for the first time in February and carries up to 12 passengers at 178 mph, is $11.5 million. Deliveries start in 2010. (800.946.4337, www.sikorsky.com)

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