New TBM Single-Engine Turboprop Plane

Daher introduced its new TBM 910 single-engine turboprop aircraft.


The latest version of the TBM six-seat single-engine turboprop by Daher Socata debuted in April, at the Aero Friedrichshafen aviation show in Germany. The new TBM 910 features the latest iteration of Garmin’s popular all-glass integrated flight deck, the G1000 NXi, plus an upgraded cabin that’s now equal to the one in the TBM 930.

Garmin’s NXi, which was introduced in January, features upgraded processing power to support faster map rendering and smoother panning throughout the displays. The upgraded high-resolution screens initialize within seconds after startup, and they’re easier to read. Improved cockpit connectivity enables the wireless transfer of aviation databases to the cockpit from the Garmin Pilot app on a mobile device. New LED backlighting increases brightness and clarity while reducing power consumption.


The 910 provides a maximum cruise speed of 380 mph, and can fly up to 1,990 miles between fuel stops, consuming just 37 gallons of fuel per hour. Performance has increased, compared to earlier models, thanks to aerodynamic improvements. The 910 can easily operate in and out of small airports that might not handle a jet. The cabin is designed with a quick-change configuration, to ensure that space is used to maximum effect for every mission.


Cabin amenities include dome lights, baggage compartment lights, and individual reading lights at all seats. Plenty of charging sockets, both 14/24 volt and USB, make it easy to stay connected. A variety of storage-cabinet options are available for owners to choose from. Top-grain leather with detailed stitching is featured on all seats. The seats recline, and adjustable backrests and folding armrests provide custom comfort.

The new TBM 910 has been fully certified by aviation authorities in both Europe and the U.S. Complete with all the options, it sells for $3.92 million. (tbm.aero)


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