Nike and Teague Team Up on an Edgy Jet Design

The jet concept features seats that fold flat into beds that can accommodate people who are 7 feet tall…

As professional sports teams spend half their time on the road, the Seattle design firm Teague has created a jet concept designed to meet their needs. Working in collaboration with the sportswear company Nike, the Teague designers consulted with doctors, coaches, operations staff, and sleep specialists from professional sports teams, as well as with Nike’s designers and training experts. Following this extensive research, Teague concluded that a jet interior customized for a traveling sports team could provide a performance gain for athletes competing in games away from home.

The Nike jet concept features separate zones for nutrition, massage, and healing. The seats fold flat into beds that can accommodate sleepers who are as tall as 7 feet. Built-in monitors display performance information on each athlete. Spaces are designed where teams can gather to review video of games or strategize for the game coming up. Built-in sensors collect data about each athlete during the trip to monitor physical well-being. A self-serve galley allows each player access to customized nutrition. According to Teague, scientific studies have shown that teams traveling more than three time zones away from home lose 60 percent of the time. A flying high-tech luxury locker room is likely to improve those odds. (teague.com)

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