Pagani’s Sky Ceiling for the Airbus ACJ319neo Jet

New Infinito interior by Pagani for the Airbus ACJ319neo corporate jet feels like flying with the top down.

Pagani’s Infinito Sky Ceiling for the Airbus ACJ319neo Jet

Flying has become so routine that it’s easy to close the window shades and ignore the fact that you’re sailing through an infinite sky, but the new Infinito custom cabin design by Pagani, from Airbus Corporate Jets, aims to re-connect travelers to the elements. The “sky ceiling” brings a live view of the sky above the aircraft into the spacious cabin of the ACJ319neo, creating the illusion that you’re flying high above the world with the top down.

That illusion of natural space permeates the interior, with curving pathways through the cabin, and shell-shaped valances and partitions. The partitions can switch from opaque to transparent, or anywhere between, at the push of a button, providing infinite choices for privacy or interaction among the cabin areas. Natural soft-leather carpets and a wooden floor add to the serenity, while carbon-fiber construction in furnishings ensures durability. Separate spaces accommodate a cinema, dining area, and lounge.

Pagani’s Infinito Sky Ceiling for the Airbus ACJ319neo Jet

Sculpted metal details throughout the cabin mirror those found in hypercars designed by the Pagani studio in Italy. LED lighting provides all kinds of control over a variety of mood-lighting ambiances. The sky ceiling can display any images or video on demand.

The new ACJ319neo from Airbus can fly for up to 7,770 miles, or 15 hours, with eight passengers on board, reaching speeds up to Mach 0.82. The cabin, at 950 square feet, provides plenty of space to create separate areas for working, relaxing, and socializing. The ACJ319, with a standard VIP cabin, sells for $87 million, plus custom pricing for the Pagani design.




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