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Like Private Jet Cards? You May Have a New Option

Priester Aviation is now offering a by-invitation jet card membership program that will offer better, more individualized service.

Priester Aviation Cessna Citation Sovereign Photo: Courtesy of Priester Aviation

Considering it’s such a ubiquitous feature of our busy lives, we often forget just how new air travel really is. In industries like fashion and horology, it’s not uncommon to find companies with histories spanning centuries, but in the world of aviation service, Priester Aviation’s 70 years of operation makes it a godfather in the field. Originally founded as a flight school in 1945, the Chicago company gradually expanded into FBO services and charter flights over the years—growing from a local provider into a nationwide business.

Now, the company has announced the next upgrade to its offerings—the introduction of a new jet card program. Known as the Centerline Jet Card, it offers members perks like immediate booking and guaranteed availability. It’s also an interesting move that shows the company’s commitment to exclusivity and exceptional service, especially in a time when we are seeing more and more companies begin to offer flight-sharing options and more affordable tickets to attract a wider customer base. In theory, this approach should allow for more individualized service and greater attention.

“We were very deliberate in making the decision to offer a Jet Card program,” said Andy Priester, President and CEO of Priester Aviation. “We waited until we were confident we could offer a better experience for our members. Because the Centerline Jet Card is invitation-only, we are able to curate a better experience, one that exceeds every expectation of quality and service.”

Currently, Priester Aviation is only offering a 25-hour card for jets ranging in category from light, seating up to six passengers, all the way to large—which can transport as many as nine. The diverse fleet—comprising models from Cessna, Embraer, Bombardier, Dassault, and Bombardier—will be available on demand from seven gateway airports in the New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, and Miami regions.

The one big catch? As mentioned in Priester’s statement above, the program is available to new members by invitation only. So if this new service sparks some interest, you may have to find the right strings to pull.

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