This Private Boeing Business Jet Cabin Design Offers Feng Shui at 41,000 Feet

With soothing curves and natural colors, the jet’s interior spaces foster peace of mind…

The Chinese design firm Haeco Private Jet Solutions has created a private-jet interior concept inspired by the ancient philosophy of feng shui, which celebrates harmony between people and their environment. The Xiao Yao jet interior design (in Mandarin xiaoyao means “at ease, leisurely, spontaneous” and implies a serene life in a natural and beautiful setting) was created for a Boeing Business Jet 2, giving the firm 1,025 square feet of cabin space with which to work. The Boeing Business Jet 2 is based on Boeing’s 737-800 airliner and has a service ceiling of 41,000 feet.

Guided by the principles of feng shui, the Xiao Yao cabin’s usual straight lines are replaced by a free-flowing layout, with the living spaces connected by a curved walkway that symbolizes a meandering stream. The refined interior makes extensive use of natural woods, and the color palette draws from nature as well. The living areas include a master bedroom, a spacious lounge, a dining room, and alcoves for playing mahjong and serving tea. (haeco.com)

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