Private Preview 2013: Bombardier Learjet

The Learjet 85, which parent company Bombardier expects to begin delivering in 2013, will be the first FAA-certified midsize jet with a fuselage and wings constructed primarily of a carbon-fiber composite. The composite is stronger, more durable, and lighter than aluminum—the material that most business jets and all other Learjet models are made of—and it minimizes drag on the aircraft during flight. The $20 million aircraft will set the bar for midsize-jet performance. According to Bombardier’s target figures, the Learjet 85 will achieve a maximum speed of 541 mph and a range beyond 3,400 miles, making it the brand’s best-performing model. The 10-passenger cabin will be the largest in the Learjet fleet. The aircraft will be equipped with a Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics suite (branded as the Bombardier Vision Flight Deck), which will lighten the pilots’ workload. Bombardier Learjet,www.learjet.com

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