Robb Report’s 10 Most-Read Aviation Stories of 2017

From spacecraft aiming for the moon to craft that look like they belong on the moon, see the stories that Robb Report readers viewed most this year.

Bombardier Global 7000. Photo: Courtesy Bombardier

The aviation category is usually a busy one here on Robb Report and 2017 was no exception. From a best-plane roundup published in 2015 to high-profile aircraft news, our readers returned again and again to this section. Here we highlight the top 10 stories that readers gravitated toward—from spacecraft aiming for the moon to craft that look like they belong on the moon, to a high-tech helicopter concept, updated models from Gulfstream, Bombardier, Boeing, and Pilatus, incredible cabin interiors, as well as what is going on with the pilot who is flying your plane. This is what you, our readers, thought interesting over the last year.

The World’s 23 Best Private Aircraft

Our number-one aviation story continues to be this one from September 2015.


Best of the Best: Top 10 Time-Tested Planes

The number-two story comes from our 2017 Best of the Best roundup published in June.

Stratolaunch Fires Up Its Engines

This Paul Allen–backed airplane project is on track to start operations by 2020.

Gulfstream Begins Test Flights with a Fully Outfitted G600

The large-cabin, long-range business jet is expected to enter service in 2018.

Pilatus PC-24 Deliveries to Start Soon

The Pilatus PC-24 twin-engine personal jet is designed to take off and land from very short and unpaved runways, making it easier to fly into smaller airports.

New Business Jets Get You Halfway Around the World

New ultralong-range and extralong-range business jets from Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, and Bombardier fly farther than ever before.

SpaceX Will Fly Two to the Moon Next Year

SpaceX will transport passengers to the Moon via autonomous Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Bell Helicopter’s Futuristic Helicopter Concept

Bell Helicopter’s Bell FCX-001 aims to make helicopters smarter, safer, more efficient, and easier to fly.

The Pilot Shortage That’s Putting the Aviation Industry at Risk

Why private flyers should care that the demand for airline pilots is exceeding the supply.

This Boeing Business Jet Features a Custom Winch Design Interior

The latest Winch-designed BBJ-1 interior is a flying home for the owner and his family.

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