Robb Report’s 21 Ultimate Gifts: No Plane Like Home

Andrew Winch Designs’ first Boeing Business Jet 2 interior is a remarkable achievement, and the London-based company will replicate the design for a Robb Report reader. The jet is well equipped for business meetings, with a forward lounge that seats 10 on comfortable sofas and leather seats, and has a 42-inch plasma screen with a full surround-sound speaker system. It is also graced with subtle touches that give it the ambience of home; the furniture has been carefully arranged to allow more headroom and to create a greater sense of spaciousness, just like you would find in a normal sitting room. The queen-size bed in the master cabin has been placed at an angle to allow easy access from both sides, as well as space for two nightstands, and the master bathroom includes an unusually large shower. The entire interior is designed to let in as much daylight as possible.

The entrance hall converts into a galley that can serve as many as 19 guests. The aft deck, which seats nine, is designed for dining or watching movies on two more plasma screens. Space for storing briefcases, shoes, and luggage is also included.

Price: $70 million.

Contact: Andrew Winch Designs, +44.20.8392.8400, info@andrew-winch-designs.co.uk

The plane, with finished interior, requires at least 18 months for delivery.

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