Super Midsize: Bombardier Challenger 300

In conceiving the design of the Bombardier Challenger 300 (514.861.9481, www.bombardier.com), the Canadian manufacturer spent two years conducting market research, and industry experts agree that the effort paid off.

“Everybody likes it,” says Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board member H. Lee Rohde III. “It fills a gap in the market for Bombardier—a nice step up from a Lear but not all the way up to the 600 series. Everything about [the 300] is well thought out, from the performance parameters to the maintenance design to the cabin seating.” In addition to a double-club arrangement with seating for eight and room to recline, the cabin of the Challenger 300 offers ergonomic worktables, power outlets, and telephones to ensure time aloft is spent productively.

“They hit a home run with this airplane,” says board member Kevin O’Leary of the Challenger 300. “I wouldn’t think twice about buying it.” The fuel-efficient aircraft can fly coast-to-coast in less than five hours and sells for about $24.3 million.

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