Super Midsize: Cessna Citation Sovereign

The Cessna Citation Sovereign (316.517.6056, www.cessna.com) “does a lot of things really well,” says Robb Report Private Aviation Advisory Board member Kevin O’Leary. “It’s got a lot of range, a nice cabin, and carries plenty of baggage.” The Sovereign, however, is perhaps best known for its remarkable short-field performance. “It can operate from a 3,600-foot runway,” says O’Leary. “That’s unheard of for an airplane that size.” This capability will prove convenient when landing at locations like the Toronto City Airport, which offers no runways longer than 4,000 feet.

Even with its short-field performance, the jet still makes light work of transatlantic flights and trips from California to Hawaii. O’Leary says that the Sovereign fits into an intermediate niche, as it is slightly larger than a midsize jet but less expensive than other jets in the super-midsize category. The Sovereign typically seats nine and sells for about $17.6 million.

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