Super Midsize: Dassault Falcon 2000LX

Adding vertical fins to the end of each wing on the Dassault Falcon 2000LX (201.440.6700, www.dassaultfalcon.com) is a minor adjustment that achieves maximum results. These carbon-fiber winglets improve the aircraft’s aerodynamic capability enough to boost the efficiency beyond that of the French manufacturer’s EX model. Climb speed has increased as much as 15 percent, which helps the twin-engine LX achieve a transoceanic range sufficient to fly nonstop from New York to Moscow, or from London to Dubai.

Falcon outfitted the LX to accommodate up to 10 passengers in the spacious cabin it shares with the EX model. Designers also borrowed the EX’s reliable Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and Honeywell EASy advanced flight deck, and equipped the LX with the responsive handling that pilots have come to expect from the company’s revered line of aircraft. First deliveries of the roughly $31 million LX began last May.

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