A Traveler’s Guide to Business Jets: Heavy Aircraft: Bombardier Challenger 604

Although these aircraft are designed for intercontinental travel, fliers more often prefer them for their interior space rather than their long-distance capabilities. Families can take them from the mainland to Hawaii for weekend getaways, but more popular uses revolve around special events—the Super Bowl, the Indy 500—where companies can host clients or top-performing salespeople. Charter rates start at $4,750 per hour, and a one-sixteenth fractional share (50 annual hours) costs about $2 million.

The FAA certified the Challenger 604, which was preceded by four models (600, 601-1A, 601-3A, 601-3R), in 1995. By mid-1999, Bombardier had delivered 100 of the 541 mph planes, and two years later, the Canadian company upgraded the cockpit avionics to reduce the pilot’s workload. There are currently 287 Challenger 604s in service.




Typical purchase price: $26.22 million

Maximum cruising speed: 541 mph

Range: 4,691 miles

Passengers: As many as 19, typically 12

Baggage capacity: 115 cu ft

Cabin Length: 28 feet, 5 inches

Cabin Width: 8 feet, 2 inches

Cabin Height: 6 feet, 1 inch

Ceiling: 41,000 feet

Charter operators: Delta AirElite, Executive Jet  Management, PrivatAir,  TAG Aviation, The Air Group

Fractional provider: Bombardier Flexjet

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