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Aircraft Charter Provider Victor Makes Flying Private Guilt-Free

The company now lets members earn carbon credits that will be used to fund greenhouse-gas offset projects around the world.

Victor carbon neutral charter flights

Jet charter booking service Victor—which works with over 100 charter-operator partners around the globe—has announced a new carbon reduction program just in time for Earth Day on April 22. Taking a positive step forward in an industry that consumes huge amounts of fossil fuel, Victor is aiming to have all of its flights be completely carbon neutral by 2020.

Going forward, when Victor members use its website or iOS app to search for a flight, some of the quotes they receive will be accompanied by a circular green logo—indicating that the flight is part of the carbon-neutral program. Once a member has booked one of these eco-friendly flights, a quantity of carbon credits will be added at no extra cost to their digital flight log, which they can check quarterly. This record indicates the total number of carbon credits they have earned based on the fuel burned during their flights over that period.

So where do all of these carbon credits go? Victor has teamed up with BP Target Neutral—an offshoot of the multinational oil and gas company BP—to put these credits to use by supporting low-carbon projects around the world, such as providing cooking stoves in Mexico and Peru to discourage the use of open fires, biodigesters in China and India to break down animal waste into usable energy, and promoting low-carbon gas alternatives in the United States.

With your conscience fully allayed, it’s time to choose a destination—and Victor has some suggestions. For instance, you can travel to Lake Garda in Italy and stay at the carbon-offset Lefay resort (or hang out at one of our new favorites, Villa Eden Gardone) or visit La Granja in Ibiza, which operates projects to help farmers grow sustainable crops and fund local art and music. (If you’re looking for more to do in Ibiza, we have you covered.) In both cases, Victor can arrange transfers to and from the airport via a zero-emissions Tesla. Regardless of where you end up going, these carbon-offset flights are available at no extra cost.

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