VIP Completions Installs a Bubble Wall in the Cabin of a Private Boeing Dreamliner Jet

An ethereal flowing-water display, this is the first bubble wall to be installed on an aircraft…

VIP Completions has announced that its latest custom jet interior will feature a world’s first: a flowing-water display backlit with LED lighting, known as a bubble wall. The owner is able to manipulate the colors of these LED lights via a smartphone app. The bubble wall is the centerpiece of the new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner’s interior, which emphasizes light, reflections, and a palette of black, silver, and gray—creating a clean, relaxed, contemporary look. 

The forward section of the Dreamliner’s cabin features a spacious lounge with an open seating plan to accommodate formal or informal meetings, meals, and entertainment. The rear third of the cabin is equipped with a private bedroom, a study, and a large bathroom with a shower. Other design details include an array of Swarovski crystals that twinkle like stars when the lights are low and cushion covers in colors that complement the lighting options—making it easy to change the look and mood of the lounge and private spaces. 

The 787-9 Dreamliner’s cabin is 186 feet long and just over 18 feet across, and the jet can carry up to 280 passengers in airline configuration. It can fly up to 9,500 miles nonstop and it can cruise as fast as about 561 mph at an altitude of 40,000 feet. First deliveries of the $257 million jet began this summer. While VIP Completions has not released an official price for its interior work, it has confirmed that such a project would cost around $100 million on top of the cost of the jet. (vipcompletions.com

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