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Business Aviation’s Vista Global Has an App for That

Travelers will be able to choose the best digital membership option, request a flight or book a seat via the XO app.

Vista Global XO app VistaJet, Vista Lease, XOJET JetSmarter Photo: Courtesy of Vista Global

Today Vista Global—parent company of VistaJet, Vista Lease, XOJet (fleet and sales) and JetSmarter—announced the creation of XO, a global on-demand digital marketplace for private aviation, comprised of XOJet’s customer-centric expertise and JetSmarter’s technology.

This new platform takes into account the shift toward digital solutions in the private-aviation industry in an effort to meet the needs of an $11 billion-per-year global market for on-demand business aviation, which continues to grow. Travelers are moving more and more to private flights over first-class options.

Via the app, XO customers can request a flight, book a seat and select the best membership option. The app provides access to 1,500-plus private jets across all categories.

The XO marketplace was constructed by combining the operational and customer-centric expertise of XOJet with technology originally developed by JetSmarter and will provide elevated service for all private-aviation travelers, eliminating the need to navigate the private-travel industry without a centralized platform. These busy passengers may now fly anytime, anywhere, at a moment’s notice.

XO clients will be able to choose the best membership option to serve their travel needs and patterns, from occasional to frequent flyers. The platform provides on-demand charter access to more than 3,000 private jets globally, covering the full gamut of cabin classes.

Vista Global XO app VistaJet, Vista Lease, XOJET JetSmarter

Vista Global XO app  Photo: Courtesy of Vista Global

Or travelers can book a seat on existing shared flights around the world. Current XOJet and JetSmarter members will have access to Vista Global’s worldwide operations and the option to switch membership benefits, including additional rewards for loyal customers.

Vista Global XO app VistaJet, Vista Lease, XOJET JetSmarter

Vista Global XO app  Photo: Courtesy of Vista Global

“In the first month after closing our acquisition of JetSmarter for its innovative technology at the beginning of May, we have worked relentlessly to establish a new company, a new brand, new products and be ready to serve every single customer in the business aviation market,” says Vista Global’s founder and chairman, Thomas Flohr. “XO, powered by JetSmarter technology, is well equipped to address the $11 billion-per-year global market of on-demand business aviation, as well as the new market of customers moving up from first and business class. I can’t wait to go live and introduce our suite of XO solutions to the market.”

Vista Global was founded in 2018, and during that year arranged for 115,000 passengers to fly on more than 70,000 flights on its fleet of 116 owned aircraft and its partners’ network. Vista Global aircraft will also be available on the XO platform, with the global fleet operated by VistaJet and the US fleet served by its partner operators, including XOJet Aviation.

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