W Aviation Lands in Aruba

The Florida-based operator brings its high-end FBO brand to Aruba.

W Aviation Aruba FBO Windsor Group Caribbean Photo: Courtesy W Aviation Aruba

W Aviation opened its doors yesterday to the latest addition to its international fixed-base operator network: the W Aviation Aruba at Queen Beatrix International Airport in Oranjestad, Aruba. Comprising 10 acres of land and a 4,000-square-foot executive terminal and aircraft parking for all general-aviation traffic for the island, W Aviation will invest $1.8 million to upgrade the existing facilities. New amenities will include lobby and customer-service areas, a bistro bar, VIP passenger lounges, conference rooms, a pilot’s lounge, flight-planning room, and more. The FBO will offer up plane fueling, concierge, customs support, and ground handling, as well as other services.

“We are thrilled to announce our newest facility in Aruba and the continued expansion of our FBO network. This is a milestone for our company, as it not only gives us the opportunity to support our existing global charter fleet in the Caribbean but also allows us to handle all of the GA traffic on the island. Aruba is the only non-U.S. Caribbean island with U.S. pre-clearance customs, making it an ideal stop for aircraft traffic from South America and the Caribbean destined for the United States,” said Ignacio Martinez, CEO of W Aviation.

W Aviation Aruba FBO Windsor Group Caribbean

Reception area.  Photo: Courtesy W Aviation Aruba

As part of the Fort Lauderdale–based Windsor Group, the W Aviation Aruba FBO joins other fixed-base operations in Fort Lauderdale and Caracas. The company also offers charter services and aircraft management.

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