Winch Design Fulfills a Jet Owner’s Dream of Having a Home in the Sky

The London-based design studio created a cozy interior with an amazing faux bookshelf that doubles as a door to the master suite.

Winch Design Airbus ACJ319 Photo: Mark Nicholson

A private plane may be the most time-efficient means of travel, but even on a business jet like the Airbus ACJ319, passengers can spend up to 13 hours aloft, with long legs that can cover up to 6,900 miles—about the distance from New York to Beijing. Given that fact, many owners dream of a “flying home in the sky,” says Jim Dixon, head of aviation for Winch Design, a boutique studio in London. “Our clients now ask for an interior that replicates their homes or yachts.”

This is far from the first time we’ve highlighted a Winch Design, but we were intrigued by the desire of one recent customer who came to Winch seeking an ACJ319 interior that would provide “a space in which to feel comfortable and experience travel not as a chore but a fine art,” says Dixon. Such designs present a series of challenges as aircraft interiors must meet complex international standards for airworthiness and safety as well as minimize weight as much as possible. Every additional ounce results in more fuel burned, and a higher rate of fuel consumption means less range between stops.

Winch Design Airbus ACJ319

Airbus ACJ319 interior  Photo: Mark Nicholson

To make the owner’s dream a reality, Winch’s team designed a space that’s not only functional but also creates its own aura of peace and tranquility. The cabin features panels decorated with hand-carved mother-of-pearl, buttery-smooth leather furnishings, a saddle-hide–inspired leather floor with contrast stitching, soft lighting, and a sofa that transforms into a large daybed—all invitations to relax into the journey. “It’s a space that entices you to pull up an armchair, switch on a reading lamp, pour yourself a drink, and delve into your favorite book,” says Dixon. A faux bookshelf—populated with fake tomes designed by Winch—that doubles as concealed doors separates the living area from the master suite.

While this ACJ319 was delivered five years ago, it is now for sale on the secondary market through Sparfell & Partners—ready to make a new owner’s dream come true.


Winch Design Airbus ACJ319

Airbus ACJ319 interior  Photo: Mark Nicholson

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