This 1971 BMW 2002 Is One Car Designer’s Dream Machine

Watch owner Radu Muntean take the modified model he calls a “rollercoaster you can control” for a spin…



Just as true for cars as couture, style in the Seventies was questionable at best. And while the decade did produce some enduring classics, many of those remain an acquired taste. Take, for instance, the 1971 BMW 2002. With a shape resembling a sculpted cube, the model, at first glance, has a beauty that is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Once behind the wheel of this collectible coupe, however, and it’s hard not to be smitten.

“The cars that take a while to fall in love with are a little more valuable to me,” says automotive designer Radu Muntean. Having obtained an example of the 2002 for himself, Muntean demonstrates to RobbReport.com’s partner Petrolicious what makes the mod machine so seductive. (petrolicious.com)


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