2009 Luxury Preview: Lotus Blossoms

When the Lotus Evora arrives in the United States next summer, the car will introduce an element of practicality to what has been, to date, a boy-racer brand. While Lotus’ smaller Elise and Exige models eschew creature comforts to maintain their lightweight agility, the Evora will feature two rear seats, a leather-lined cabin, an optional reverse camera system, a glovebox, cup holders, and an actual trunk with 5.6 cubic feet of cargo space. (Boy-racer buyers can opt to remove the rear seats in favor of extra stowage room.) The low-slung, two-plus-two coupe will bear a slight resemblance to a Koenigsegg supercar—with blacked-out A-pillars and a clamshell-shape roof—but the slumped hood and stunted rear end should immediately identify the Evora as a Lotus. An aluminum chassis will help ensure that the car also continues the Lotus tradition of superior handling. And with a 276 hp, 3.5-liter V-6 engine—which will push the 2,976-pound car to 60 mph in fewer than 5 seconds—the Evora should prove that practicality does not preclude performance.



Penske Luxury

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