The 2015 Sora Signature Series Motorcycle May Be the World’s First Electric Super Bike

The $100,000 cruiser is tricked out with carbon fiber and solid performance for an electric two-wheeler…

Last year’s release of the roughly $50,000 Lito Green Motion Sora, which the Montreal manufacturer proclaims is the world’s first electric cruiser, gave the motorcycle industry a welcome jolt of energy by providing a stylish design and sound performance for an electric two-wheeler. Now, for about twice the price, the more than $100,000 Lito Green Motion Sora Signature Series electric motorcycle offers various improvements that could very well elevate it to the status of the world’s first electric super bike.

Like its predecessor, the Signature Series bike features an electronically adjustable seat that can be operated while in motion to switch from comfortable cruising to race-ready body positioning. Enhancements include new Beringer brakes and Rizoma components. Lito also outfitted it with even more carbon fiber (for the wheels and body) than its predecessor, giving it a stealthier look and lighter weight, which helps the bike reach 60 mph from a standstill in about 4 seconds. The new Sora can reach speeds as fast as 118 mph.

Lito also improved the 2015 Sora bike with LED headlights and a decreased battery-charge time, from nine hours for last year’s model to just three hours for the new bike. The Sora can travel as far as 120 miles on a single charge. The new bike’s Safe Range System, which works in tandem with its 5.7-inch touchscreen display and GPS system, manages speed and acceleration to ensure the bike has enough juice to reach its destination. (soraelectricsuperbike.com)

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