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Is This Really the New Nissan 400Z? If So, We Couldn’t Be Happier

The Nissan Proto Z concept car remains one of the more attractive prototypes in recent memory.

Why tinker with a good thing?

Thankfully, that seems to be Nissan’s approach to the eagerly anticipated seventh-generation Z. Leaked footage of the production model all but confirms that next year’s 400Z, as many believe it will be called, will look almost identical to the Proto Z concept that the Japanese automaker unveiled last fall.

The video, which was reportedly taken at an undisclosed shipping warehouse in Los Angeles, surfaced on the 400Z Club forum on Monday. While taking viewers on a tour of the vehicle and its interior, the clandestine videographer reveals that the gray sports car is one of two examples of the car that have been shipped to the warehouse. According to him, there is no difference between the two 400Zs, except that the one he is filming is an automatic, while the first was a manual (his “sadly” quip makes clear where his loyalties lie).

“As you can tell, the car is amazing,” the cameraman says, echoing a sentiment we’re sure many watching the clip will share.

Nissan Proto Z Concept Car

Nissan Proto Z Concept Car  Nissan

This is news gearheads have expected for months now. In January, images of the sports car Nissan included in a patent filing were discovered and published online. Those renderings, along with Monday’s video, show only minor differences between the Proto Z and the 400Z. Both cars share the same angular and athletic shape and have details that reference past Zs (like headlights borrowed from the 240Z and headlights from the 300ZX), but the production version has side view mirrors, more prominent door handles and a color-matching roof (though that might be specific to this example).

The similarities between the two vehicles are a good thing as far as we’re concerned. The Proto Z is one of the more eye-catching concepts of the last few years. In fact, we hope more automakers follow the lead of Nissan (and Audi before it) and release more production models that look like their concept version.


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