21 Ultimate Gifts: Wheels and Water


  • A 6,000-square-foot garage designed by Guy Dreier that can accommodate as many as seven automobiles.
  • A wine room, a humidor, a home theater, driving simulators, a bar, and a hydraulic automobile lift within the garage structure.
  • A furnished rooftop terrace with a reflecting pool and a display platform for one showcase automobile.

$7 million

Architect Guy Dreier likes to incorporate water into his home designs, often creating angular structures that appear to burst forth from series of interconnected blue pools. He plans to stay with that theme for this gift, making water an integral element of the roughly 6,000-square-foot ground-level garage he has designed for one Robb Report reader.


“A lot of things we do are water oriented, and this garage will relate to water on all levels,” says Dreier, whose business, Guy Dreier Designs, is located in Palm Desert, Calif.—an area where, outside of swimming pools and golf-course irrigation systems, water is scarce.

Dreier’s plan calls for two continuously cascading water walls on opposite sides of the garage’s main level. A hydraulic lift will be able to raise one showcase car from that level to the garage’s rooftop, where it will sit on a platform in a shallow reflecting pool. Ideally, the rooftop will overlook a lake or ocean so that Dreier can create an infinity-edge effect with the pool. But, he says, any one of a variety of backdrops would complement his design. “It could certainly work in Aspen, Jackson Hole, or even in Beverly Hills, overlooking the city lights,” says Dreier. “The more spectacular the view, the more successful this will be.”

When closed, the lid over the auto lift will serve as a sun platform surrounded by the reflecting pool, which will continuously spill over into a moat. A terrace overlooking the pool and the ocean, mountains, or city beyond can be outfitted with custom-made tables, side chairs, and chaise longues.

Inside the garage, which will accommodate as many as seven cars, Dreier plans to install three driving simulators, each housed within a stylized Ferrari-red vehicle shell mounted on a mirrored stand to look as though it is hovering above the floor. “You can interwire them and race against each other,” he notes.

In addition to the cars and the driving simulators, the garage will house a home theater with specially designed acoustic walls decorated with a design pattern that recalls roads, plus a circular wine room, a humidor, a billiards table, a bar, and a casual seating area. The floor will be covered with flame-treated granite in the area where the cars are parked and with carpeting in the media area. The walls in the wine room, humidor, and billiards area will be hung with backlit onyx-accent panels, and a floor-to-ceiling window will offer the same view as the terrace.

“So many of my clients are proud of their car collection, but they never get to see it,” says Dreier. “In this garage, they can have cocktail parties, or even serve dinner, so they can admire their cars—the possibilities are wide open.”

The possibilities for the garage’s design also are wide open. For an additional cost, and provided the building site is large enough, Dreier will customize the garage plans to include office space, meeting rooms, more automobiles, or nearly anything else the owner wants.

“I know a lot of car collectors who are so varied—young guys, old guys, racers,” says Dreier. “There are so many people this garage would appeal to. With this space, their cars can again be part of their lives.”

Guy Dreier Designs, 760.568.3670, www.guydreierdesigns.com

Gift must be purchased by December 31, 2012. No automobiles are included in the gift. The garage plans can be customized for an additional cost determined by the architect.

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