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The Tesla Cybertruck May Already Have More Than 600,000 Preorders

A crowdsourced list shows that interest in the electric pickup isn't dying down.

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It would appear the excitement surrounding the unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck wasn’t just a temporary blip. With less than a half year having passed since its unveiling, hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for Elon Musk’s electric pickup continue to roll in.

A crowdsourced list from the Cybertruck Owners Club forum shows that over 622,000 people have preordered the vehicles as of March 31, according to CNET Roadshow. That number, which takes into account the 250,000 initial preorders Musk bragged about in late November, shows that roughly 372,000 people have registered their interest in the vehicle over the last four months.

In addition to that eye-popping total, the forum’s list also provides of a portrait of just who is most interested in the truck. Unsurprisingly, 76 percent of the preorders come from America. Canada is next, with 10 percent, then Australia with 3 percent, while the remaining 11 percent is split between residents of the UK, Germany and Norway. In the US, California is responsible for 13 percent of the reservations, followed by Texas (6 percent) and Florida (5 percent).

The forum’s list also shows that prospective Cybertruck owners are most interested in the mid- and upper-tier version of the pickup. Nearly half of the reservations—49 percent—are for the two-motor model, 42 percent are for the top-of-the-line three-motor version, while just 9 percent are for the entry-level, single-motor truck. Even before this information had come to light, Tesla had said it planned to prioritize the production of the higher performing, more expensive, models. The single-motor Cybertruck starts at $39,000, with the dual motor at $49,000 and the tri-motor at $69,000.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment from Robb Report regarding the pre-order numbers.


Of course, it’s important to note that the threshold for preordering a Cybertruck is much lower than deposits required for comparative vehicles. It only costs $100 to reserve the vehicle, and that cost is fully refundable. That’s significantly less than the $2,775 required to reserve the Porsche Taycan or the $2,500 required to reserve Tesla’s very own Model Y crossover. Whether the Cybertruck preorders—and their low-risk bar for entry—will convert to actual sales is an open question.

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