A Country Club for Driving Enthusiasts

Atlanta Motorsports Park, a new speedway and private membership club about an hour north of Atlanta, offers a serious track for drivers, and more. All tiers of membership, with initiation fees ranging from $2,500 to $50,000, grant driving enthusiasts access to the course, while larger packages include access to the on-site, 12,000-square-foot clubhouse, swimming pool, tennis court, hiking trails, and other amenities. Though meant for the recreational driver, AMP delivers F/1 challenges with a design by renowned circuit engineer Hermann Tilke, who has designed every F/1 circuit in the last decade, including the recent Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Tilke offers Robb Report insight into AMP’s 16 turns and 120 feet of elevation changes.

Q. What unique challenges did you face while designing AMP?

A. Designing a racetrack in general is a challenging job. But I aim to create state-of-the-art tracks that adapt to their local surroundings. This was a very hilly piece of land with wetlands and woods.

Q. How did the hilly conditions affect the circuit?

A. [AMP] has an interesting gradient with an extreme rise of up to 14 percent and a fall of up to 10 percent with very tight vertical curves. I also created a long straight with opening curve radii in the form of a snail, which allows for unlimited acceleration.

Q. And AMP is not FIA Grade 1 regulated.

A. This makes it really interesting. Elevation can be changed much quicker. The car will feel light, and then in a negative elevation change the car can become very heavy.

Q. What does this mean to the drivers?

A. Drivers will easily be making mistakes. I aimed to do this. It is good for the spectators!

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