Aftermarket Classic Recreations Eleanor Mustang

When Gone in Sixty Seconds—a splashy remake of a low-budget 1974 gear-grinder flick of the same name—premiered in 2000, the film reanimated one of Hollywood’s great movie cars: an overachieving Ford Mustang named Eleanor. Denice Halicki, the film’s producer, trademarked the name, and now, after a false start with the troubled Dallas-based specialty automaker Unique Performance, Halicki has anointed Classic Recreations, a small but fastidious speed shop in Yukon, Oklahoma, as the new official builder of Eleanor replicas. Buyers can choose either a Ford-licensed 1967 Mustang fastback body or a meticulously refurbished original shell with all new parts. Pros: Movie-star good looks. Cons: Not the real thing.

Penske Luxury

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