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This Stylish New Coupe Brings Classic European Design to the EV Revolution

Competition for EV style is heating up.

Alpha Motor ACE coupe Alpha Motor Corporation

The EV industry hasn’t exactly been rife with European-style sport coupes. But one marque is hoping to bring a little old-school styling its newest electric offering.

Alpha Motor Corporation’s new ACE coupe not only sports a battery-powered engine but offers an elegant and decidedly European-inflected design that recalls some of yesteryear’s most memorable vehicles.

Measuring just 165 inches in length, the two-seat ACE coupe is indeed compact—and that’s the point. Its exterior has an appealingly boxy front end (ditto for the tail) that is balanced out nicely by cars curvy roofline. The combination makes for an attractive shell that brings to mind classics like Aston Martin’s Goldfinger-era DB5. Where the car makes a far more radical departure, however, is in the interior and under the hood.

Alpha Motor ACE coupe

The spare interior has a streamlined panel with a simple touchscreen.  Alpha Motor Corporation

The ACE coupe’s interior, though accented with handsome wood finishes, has a stripped-back feel that maximizes space. Not unlike your average Tesla, the dashboard is cleared of pretty much everything save a simple touchscreen that promises to do everything from GPS navigation to playing music. Two-tone doors add to the throwback feel with looped handles.

But none of that would matter much if it couldn’t get you from point A to point B. Capable of accelerating from zero to 60 in six seconds, the ACE coupe gets its power via a rapid charger and the company claims the car will have a range of about 250 miles once fully juiced up. That may not be as impressive as the 400-mile range of Tesla’s Model S, but it’s plenty for the kind of day-to-day use the marque envisions. As of publication, the battery capacity and engine specs have not been revealed, but assuming the acceleration specs are accurate, the car should have a solid, if not mind-blowing, powertrain under the hood.

Alpha Motor Corporation’s ACE coupe is now available for preorder with a price tag ranging from $32,000 to $39,000.


Check out more photos of the EV below:

Alpha Motor Corporation Ace coupe

Alpha Motor Corporation

Alpha Motor Corporation Ace coupe

Alpha Motor Corporation

Alpha Motor Corporation Ace coupe

Alpha Motor Corporation

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