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A Collection of 5 Patriotic AMC Muscle Cars Is up for Sale—but You’ll Have to Buy Them All

The seller is only offering the cars as a complete set for $600,000.

The Collection of Red, White and Blue AMC Muscle Cars Craigslist

Are you in the market for an obscure muscle car? How about an entire collection of them? Well, you’re in luck.

Auto enthusiast Dan Curtis has just posted five gorgeous AMC muscle cars for sale on Craigslist, according to The Drive. There’s a catch, though: You can’t buy the rides individually, they must be bought as a complete set.

AMC (American Motors Corporation) is all but forgotten now, but it was the nation’s fourth-major automaker from 1954 until the late 1980s when it and its assets—most notably Jeep—were acquired by Chrysler. During the three-plus decades it was in operation, the marque built some truly memorable vehicles. This particular collection includes every muscle car AMC produced between 1969 and 1970—each of which features the same patriotic paint job it left the factory with. Get ready for a whole lotta red, white and blue.

1969 AMC Super Stock AMX
1969 AMC Super Stock AMX Craigslist

The headliner is arguably a race-ready 1969 Super Stock AMX. The beast in question is the last of just 52 examples built and won three regional National Hot Rod Association championships while racing as “American Dream.” Up next is a Trans-Am Javelin, one of only 100 produced, which wears a similar but less playful paint job. It’s followed by a 1970 Rebel The Machine with a specially tuned engine and optional Americana finish. Rounding out the quintet are two 1969 Hurst/SC Ramblers: one features the “A-Scheme,” a red, white and blue paint job; the other, the “B-Scheme.”

Of course, each member of the collection comes with a potent V-8 connected to a manual transmission that sends all the mill’s might to the rear axle. All the cars, except for the Super Stock AMX, also come with a “Group 19” dealer performance package that adds an additional 100 to 200 hp. Every single four-wheeler has also been at least partially restored by AZ AMC Restorations.

1970 AMC Rebel Machine
1970 AMC Rebel Machine Craigslist

Interested in Curtis’s collection? All five muscle cars can be yours today for $600,000. Acquiring the quintet would be quite the flex.

Click here for more photos of the collection of AMC muscle cars.


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