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This Sleek RV Could Be Your New Luxury Condo on Wheels

The four- to six-wheeler houses a living room, kitchen and scenic-view bedroom in over 10 customizable layouts.

Niesmann-Bischoff Arto RV Courtesy of Niesmann-Bischoff

Niesmann+Bischoff just made RV life a little more luxurious.

Since 2020, the RV maker has debuted two ultra-luxe motorhomes. Now the brand has unveiled a third edition that may just be more posh than your upscale apartment.

Dubbed Arto, the new motorhome offers 215 square feet of living space that you can customize to taste via 10 discrete layouts. Each one includes a spacious living room, kitchen, a spa-like bathroom and light-filled bedroom, with stylish cabinetry throughout.

The four- to six-wheeler is based on a Fiat Ducato, a commercial workhorse often used for transporting goods. This edition, however, is built for life on the road in 2023: It runs on a lithium energy package that comprises two solar modules, three batteries and a charger that the brand claims can last up to nine days before needing a recharge. The reduced-weight battery also allows for rapid charging on the go, and all three of its power components can be controlled and monitored via the company’s smartphone app.

Niesmann-Bischoff Arto RV living room
Inside Arto’s light-filled living room space with plush seating. Courtesy of Niesmann-Bischoff

From the outside, the motorhome cuts a handsome figure. This is not your grandparents’ RV. Rather, the soft boxy profile looks more like a tour bus for an emerging pop star. And forget the traditional white; you can choose orange, green, blue and carbon gray colorways. The show model (at top), which blends the chic carbon gray base with orange accents, offers one striking possibility.

Unlike previous generations of RVs, much of the Arto’s exterior is made from glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is not only lightweight but provides protection for the roof and makes the the vehicle scratch-resistant. (You never know when you’ll have to drive under those irksome drooping tree branches.) More practically, there’s a garage built into the back to store your bikes and luggage.

Inside, the RV in anchored by a light-filled living area complete with a television, countertop table (which appears to seat at least four), overhead cabinet storage and a skylight. Plush upholstered seating surrounds the table top for maximum comfort. The compact kitchen sits adjacent, with a sink, stove and additional storage space. The cockpit, meanwhile, comes with a huge bus-like windshield offering unobstructed views of the road. When you’re not driving, optional SKA chairs rotate 180 degrees to add additional seating space the living area. (That’s an option we would definitely take.)

Verade-oak furniture and detailing give the Arto a solid, luxurious feel throughout, but it’s in the bedroom where it really shines. Here, the oak doubles as both stairs to the bed and additional secret storage, complementing the cabinets overhead. The space also includes two big, latch-open windows and an overhead skylight for stargazing. When it comes time to wind down, night owls will find reading lights built-in overhead. Your biggest choice here will be whether you want a single or queen-size bed (also a no brainer).

Niesmann-Bischoff Arto RV bedroom
The cozy bedroom with overhead storage and oak-wood finishes. Courtesy of Niesmann-Bischoff

The bathroom sits just ahead of the bedroom with partitions for privacy. It also features a standing shower, sink, towel rack and a window for ventilation. Post-shower, Niesmann+Bischoff promises you’ll stay warm thanks to a “holistic heating” system that uses minimal cool bridges and optimal air circulation. The sleeper’s styrofoam insulation—found in the RV’s roof, floor panels, rear and side walls, as well as the garage door—should keep you cozy, too. And even this can be tailored to your needs.

The Arto is now available via Niesmann+Bischoff. As you might expect, the sleeper doesn’t come cheap, starting at $92,300. But hey, that’s a small price to pay for a luxe condo on wheels.

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Niesmann-Bischoff Arto RV slide cover
Courtesy of Niesmann-Bischoff

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