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These New Pagani Sim Pedals Make It Feel Like You’re Driving a Real-Life Huayra R

Get the thrills of a $3 million hypercar with some $2,000 pedals.

Asetek SimSports Pagani Pedals Asetek SimSports

Want to drive a multimillion-dollar hypercar for a fraction of the price? Asetek can help with that.

The Danish company, which started producing immersive gear for sim sports in 2021, has partnered with Pagani to create a pair of limited-edition pedals that promise to make it feel like you’re flooring it in a bona fide Huayra R.

The pedals feature plates and arms based on the exact parts used in the high-speed track car, which have been ever so slightly tweaked for sim racing. The elastomer finish, meanwhile, is designed to give the feel of the actual Huayra pedals.

Asetek SimSports Pagani Pedals

The pedals were tested by real-world racers.  Asetek SimSports

In terms of tech, the THORP (Twin Hydraulic Opposing Rapid Pistons) brake system allows for two-stage race car braking with minimum pedal travel. Asetek says the brake pedal is also rock hard just like its real-life muse.

The intuitive plug-and-play setup is paired with special Pagani-tailored RaceHub software that allows you to quickly and easily customize the pedal settings, from the calibration of the dead zones to the throttle curves. You can even control the built-in ARGB lighting.

To top it off, Asetek claims the pedals have been tried and tested over hundreds of hours by real-world Formula 1 racers, GT drivers and sim racing pros.

For the unversed, the Huayra R is quite the land missile. Tipping the scales at just over 2,300 pounds, the lightweight ride is fitted with a six-liter naturally aspirated V-12 mated to 6-speed sequential gearbox. It is capable of churning out 850 hp at 8,250 rpm and roughly 590 ft lbs of torque for a top speed of 238 mph. Oh, and only 30 examples exist, so it’s not exactly easy to drive one—unless, of course, you opt for a virtual experience with the pedals.


The Asetek SimSports Pagani Huayra R Sim Racing Pedals will set you back $1,999. Not bad considering the actual four-wheeler is priced at $3 million. You can pick up the pedals at Asetek’s online shop and reseller network or directly from Pagani.

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