Aston Martin DBS Volante

The DBS performs more like a grand tourer than a sports car, which is a great reason to opt for the Volante version and take a joyride down the coast. The three-layer fabric top—which can be raised or lowered in 14 seconds and can be operated when the car is traveling as fast as 30 mph—is well insulated for cold-weather commutes but still allows the driver to hear the exhaust’s distinctive snarl. Mechanically, the DBS convertible is nearly identical to the coupe (save for minor weight gain due to the retractable top and necessary reinforcement modifications to maintain good handling) and Aston’s new paddle-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission allows for seamless wind-in-the-hair acceleration.

Pros: A crystal key fob to start the car and Jaeger-LeCoultre Transponder watch to open and lock the doors will make you feel like James Bond.

Cons: From a distance, it looks strikingly similar to the much smaller V8 Vantage.

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