Is the Aston Martin DBX Concept the Company’s Future Electric Sports Car?

The all-electric vehicle’s design is just practical enough to inspire hopes of production…

Aston Martin brought a unique combination of luxury and environmentally friendly technology to the recent Geneva International Motor Show, with the Aston Martin DBX concept. The all-electric sports car intends to be an innovative step forward in the high-luxury, grand-touring segment, enhancing the British carmaker’s elegant design language with more family-friendly (and eco-friendly) touches.

Because the DBX concept has no engine compartment—it is powered by electric inboard-of-wheel, lithium-sulphur power cells—the rear trunk and forward load bay can both fit luggage. And unlike in many high-end sports cars, four adults can be comfortably seated in the Aston Martin DBX. Cabin features include customizable driver and passenger heads-up displays, rearview cameras in place of conventional mirrors, and auto-dimming smart glass that automatically shades the driver and protects against glare. The interior and exterior designs of the DBX were largely inspired by fine jewelry, evident in milling lines in the car’s machined billet aluminum and gold pinstriping in the interior, and a unique paint finish intended to look like a genuine black pearl. 

Aston Martin says the craftsmanship and detailing, which does indeed recall luxury consumer goods, should give the DBX concept a genuinely global appeal. While the car is not production-ready, the company plans to gauge customer response to the DBX concept and use it as inspiration when building its next entry into the luxury grand-touring space. (astonmartin.com)

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