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This Aston Martin Dealer in SoCal Just Unveiled 5 Stunning Pastel-Colored Rides for Summer Cruising

A quintet made for touring the Pacific Coast.

Aston Martin Newport Beach Pastel Collection Aston Martin Newport Beach

Aston Martin Newport Beach wants to help you welcome the warmer months in style. The dealership has just unveiled a quintet of sports cars finished in hues that are synonymous with spring, summer and the sprawling California coast.

The aptly named Pastel Collection comprises five specialized Aston Martin rides that feature a chic, pastel paint theme. It’s a drastic departure from the marque’s signature gray colorways, though somehow works with the refined styling for the coastal locale. Think British luxury meets sunny Los Angeles. The collection, which is exclusive to the Orange County location, runs the gamut from a menacing V-8-powered coupe to a spacious five-seat SUV.

“We are lucky to have years of experience working with Q (Aston’s in-house personalization service), and we started a conversation with them last year about putting together a unique palette of colors that would be exclusive to our dealership,” Matthew Parsons, Aston Martin Newport Beach’s brand manager, told Robb Report via email. “When we realized the cars would be arriving around the start of spring, we settled on a family of pastel colors that we would paint across our model range.”

Arguably the most suited to summertime touring is the 2021 DB11 Volante ($290,192). Finished in a light blue known as Clear Water, the convertible features an elegant aluminum body that’s ideal for open-air cruising along the Pacific Coast. Under the hood, the drop-top packs a 4-liter, twin-turbo V-8 engine that delivers 503 horses for a top speed of 187 mph.

Aston Martin Newport Beach Pastel Collection

The Pastel Collection is available exclusively at Aston Martin Newport Beach.  Aston Martin Newport Beach


The 2021 Vantage Convertible ($203,880) is also conducive to breezy, waterside jaunts. While it’s painted in a Cardamom Violet that’s undeniably subtle, the beastly V-8 is anything but and will push the roadster to 190 mph at full tilt. For those who prefer a fixed roof, there is a 2021 Vantage Coupe ($195,680) on offer that’s painted in a brighter shade of purple called Ultra Violet.

The Volante’s hard-top counterpart is represented, too, albeit in a slightly darker shade of pastel blue. The 2021 DB11 Coupe ($271,059) sports a striking Butterfly Teal colorway along with a 630 hp twin-turbo V-12 for comfortable yet quick cruising.

Aston Martin Newport Beach Pastel Collection

The collection comprises five pastel-colored Aston Martin’s.  Aston Martin Newport Beach

Rounding out the multi-colored quintet is a 2021 DBX SUV ($239,836). Sporting an eye-catching Vibrant Coral exterior, the crossover packs a Mercedes-AMG-sourced 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V-8, which is similar to the mill used in the DB11 and Vantage, though it brings an additional 39 hp for an even gutsier 542 horses and 516 ft lbs of torque. Robb Report recently put the DBX to the test in Oman’s deserts where it proved to be taut and responsive even while on trying terrain.

To make the pastel paint colors really pop, each car sports gloss black accents for the wheels, grille and other exterior trim. The interiors, meanwhile, utilize Obsidian Black and Ivory leathers, with the additional Q feature of painting the exterior paint color on the center console and door inserts.

Looks like collectors could be in for five instances of summer love this touring season.

Check out more photos of the cars below:

Aston Martin 2021 DB11 Volante

2021 DB11 Volante  Aston Martin Newport Beach

Aston Martin 2021 Vantage Convertible

2021 Vantage Convertible  Aston Martin Newport Beach

Aston Martin 2021 DBX SUV

2021 DBX SUV  Aston Martin Newport Beach

Aston Martin 2021 Vantage Coupe

2021 Vantage Coupe  Aston Martin Newport Beach

Aston Martin 2021 DB11 Coupe

2021 DB11 Coupe  Aston Martin Newport Beach

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