Bentley Bids Farewell to Arnage with Final Series

More than a decade after its debut at France’s legendary Circuit de la Sarthe, Bentley’s vaunted Arnage is at last playing its final act. To mark the passing of its flagship sedan, the company has unveiled the very special Arnage Final Series. Limited to a mere 150 units (the final 150 cars to roll off the production line, of course), the Final Series features the Arnage T’s all-aluminum 6.75-liter V-8 (itself celebrating 50 years in 2009). With twin turbochargers, the mighty engine produces 500 horsepower and 738 foot-pounds of torque, sufficient to launch the stately sedan to 60 mph in a scant 5.2 seconds, on its way to a top speed of 179 mph. And yet, as with all Arnages, the Final Series is far greater than mere performance figures, charming its occupants with fine leather (the passenger compartment requires 17 complete hides to upholster) and hand-finished wood veneer (more than 60 square feet of it), along with an 1,100-watt audio system from British premium stereo maker Naim. Unique amenities include the requisite commemorative badges and a retractable “flying B” hood ornament, as well as fold-down picnic tables and a cocktail cabinet in the rear compartment, complete with a Final Series stainless-steel flask and matching shot glasses. The Arnage Final Series is available now by special order through Bentley retailers. The company is mum on pricing, but expect the car to command a figure notably greater than the Arnage R’s $222,000 and the Arnage T’s $243,000. (www.bentleymotors.com)

Matthew Phenix

Penske Luxury

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