This Bentley Was Inspired by a Princess Yacht

When two iconic British brands combine their design talents, the result is a limited-edition convertible with a luxurious, nautical feel.

Bentley’s Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition will make its public debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The limited-edition Galene, named after the Greek Goddess of calm seas, was designed by Mulliner and Princess Yachts. The beautiful white Bentley shows how much creativity emerges when two pinnacle brands share collective design talents.

Mulliner, Bentley’s bespoke commissioning division, worked side by side with Princess Design Studio to create Galene, a convertible inspired by Princess Yachts’ M-Series superyachts. The white exterior has a sequin-blue stripe on its brightwork that mimics a Princess hull’s glistening water line, as if the sea is lapping against the hull. The darkened front and rear lights resemble the tinted windows on its superyachts, while the dark-blue hood completes its sporty, oceangoing look.


The nautical design cues continue throughout Galene’s interior. Mulliner created an entirely new material finish, a pinstriped walnut veneer, to give the sense of being surrounded by teak decks. The carmaker has also commissioned renowned artist Jaume Vilardell to actually illustrate the interior fascia panels with a bespoke drawing of a Princess yacht, along with the coordinates of its shipyard in Plymouth. The hand-stitched seats and door panels, reaching the same quality found on the Princess M series, provide the perfect accompaniment to the console.

The collaboration between these two iconic British brands is not particularly surprising. Princess and Bentley Motorsport announced a three-year sponsorship deal earlier this year that brings the worlds of yachting and motor racing together at racing events where Bentley’s Continental GT3 will be competing.

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