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Forget Travel Trailers. You Can Now Take Your Dream Cabin on the Road With You.

Bess's Imago Iter is an open-layout cabin that's designed to be towed.

Bess Imago Iter cabin

Why opt for a trailer when you can just choose a homey wood cabin specifically designed for the road instead?

Japanese company Bess recently launched the Imago Iter, a compact cabin-trailer that you can tow behind your SUV or truck. And from the look of it, not many sacrifices were needed to convert the rustic structure into a lmini mobile home.

We’ve seen plenty of campers and trailers that try to approximate the look and feel of Instagram-friendly tiny homes in recent years (some of which pull off the task impressively). Bess appears to have just cut to the chase, building its basic cabin on top or four wheels and equipping it with a tow hitch. Bess knows a thing or two about building cabins, too. The company is known in its home country—which appreciates an ephemeral structure—for its wooden houses, including A-frames and geodesic domes, though the Imago is its first model that comes with wheels.

Inside the Bess Imago Iter cabin

Inside the Imago Iter 

At its core, the Imago Iter really is really just a portable cabin. It’s made from 70mm thick cedar wood and comes with one of two roofs, matching cedar or plastic membrane. Inside the vehicle, you’ll find a wide-open layout that consists of nothing more than four walls, each fitted with its own window, including a large slide-glass window that acts as the structure’s front door. And that’s it. There are no special features or even basic amenities, like a kitchenette or toilet.

While some may be put off by this, others will see an opportunity to turn the Imago Iter into their dream cabin. The lack of amenities gives you the freedom to set up the vehicle any way you want. You can keep it spartan or stuff its 21.3 square feet of space with a bed, couch and tables (we’d definitely think about adding a bathroom). And because the vehicle weighs just 4,600 pounds—which would be on the low end for an Airstream trailer—you have a lot of latitude to customize before the vehicle becomes too heavy for its own good.

The Imago Iter is available now for $30,000 to $36,000. Despite it’s relatively light weight, we’d still recommend using a brawny 4×4 or truck to tow the Imago Iter. A video uploaded by the brand shows a vintage Land Rover Defender towing the cabin, and it looks pretty hulking. It’s hard to imagine a crossover doing the same task.


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