Best Of The Best 2006: Enhanced Extrovert

Nude jogging would attract far less attention than a leisurely Sunday drive in a Novitec Rosso Ferrari F430. From its pavement-plowing front fascia to its skyscraping rear spoiler, the Novitec Rosso package offers several physical alterations, most of which en­hance the F430’s already slippery aerodynamics. The body-colored rear air deflector may even be better-looking than the original, and the same can be said of the smoked taillight lenses and side marker lights.

But this high-strung Ferrari is loud both visually and aurally. A carbon-fiber intake box paves the way for twin superchargers ($55,000 for the set) to pump 636 hp and 435 ft lbs of torque through high-volume catalysts, and a stainless steel exhaust—culminating in four cannon-sized exhaust tips—ensures airflow through the enhanced F430’s sonorous 4.3-liter V-8. Upon final tally, a full set of Novitec’s available upgrades can add more than $130,000 to the $205,000 base price of an F430.

Novitec Rosso




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