Best Of The Best 2006: Fast Track

The F430 street car could be the best sports car of all time, so what does this make the Ferrari F430 Challenge track car? Certainly the most satisfying sports-racing car ever built for amateur competition. The $227,000 F430 Challenge—named for the international and thoroughly recreational Ferrari Challenge racing series—enters service as the replacement for the F360, which has been the event’s workhorse for many years, and becomes the new car of choice for Ferrari’s many driving schools.

he F430 Challenge is powered by the same 490 hp V-8 and 6-speed transmission of the F430 street car. From there, the Challenge is given a new carbon-fiber intake manifold and fuel tank, quick-release cen­­­ter-lock alloy wheels, race-tuned exhaust, track-prepped suspension, 19-inch Pirelli slicks, full roll cage, stop-anything ceramic brakes, and a Lexan windshield.

Will there ever be a street-legal version of the F430 Challenge? Ferrari officials say no, but they issued similar denials almost up to the weekend before the F360 Challenge arrived at dealer showrooms.




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