Best Of The Best 2006: Modern Classic

Known for its Land Cruiser restorations, TLC has draped the classic Toyota FJ40 shape over modern, trail-tested parts to create the four-wheel-drive TLC Icon, which will go farther off-road than most desert reptiles. The Icon’s powder-coated body panels resist scratches and never require waxing. Its fold-flat windshield latches are the same as those that hold Sub-Zero freezer doors in place. And the General Motors V-8 engine produces 350 hp and 400 ft lbs of torque. Each Icon is customized, allowing you to choose a 2.8 diesel package (for an additional $3,500) or forgo the four-wheel-drive system entirely and select a hybrid electric engine. TLC promises to build only 20 Icons per year at a starting price of $88,000.



Penske Luxury

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