Best Of The Best 2006: Most Basic Instincts

This little Dutch roadster is a masterpiece of engineering and design. So beautiful on a macro and micro level, the Spyker C8 Spyder is more reminiscent of a Bugatti Atalante or a McLaren F1 than a series production sports car. From the all-aluminum body to the pedal box that evokes a Swiss watch to the Chanel-like quilted leather interior, no aspect of the $270,000 Spyker has been left unattended.

Beneath the surface is a race-bred aluminum space frame and lightweight subassemblies with a tuned, transversely mounted Audi V-8 plunked amidships. Pushed to do what it is meant to do, the Spyker handles and brakes like a Lotus Elise. But at 2,750 pounds and with 400 hp on tap, the vehicle runs with the big dogs. The Spyker C8 Spyder is a rare and exquisite jewel that looks like no other, and proves that not all exotic sports cars hail from south of the Alps.




Penske Luxury

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