Best Of The Best 2006: Techno-Thriller

The Suzuki Boulevard M109R ($12,400) represents an ultramodern interpretation of the cruiser. The bike’s 1,783 cc V-twin engine conforms to cruiser prerequisites, but as a dual-overhead cam, four-valve design with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection, it also incorporates the latest technologies. The engine has giant 4.4-inch-wide pistons and twin spark plugs in each cylinder that can fire simultaneously or at staggered intervals for optimal combustion. Although not short of low-rev grunt, the M109R revs out to 7,400 rpm and accelerates like a demonic bumblebee. With an inverted fork, a wraparound fender, and sportbike front brakes, the M109R almost defies categorization. But its low-slung riding position and extroverted appearance shout cruiser.



Penske Luxury

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