Best Of The Best 2006: MV Agusta F4 1000 Tamburini

In a market where up-to-the-second technology is essential to survival, MV Agusta’s Tamburini—named for its designer, Massimo Tamburini—incorporates enough engineering advances to distinguish it from the competition. In addition to an engine that features the same Ferrari-designed radial valves as those found in the powerplant of MV Agusta’s F4 1000, the Tamburini has a Torque Shift System (TSS) that uses variable-length air intake trumpets. The TSS-enhanced engine delivers more torque and horsepower than does the F4 1000 engine, and it distributes the power more broadly across the power band. Horsepower output is a stunning 170, and though the Tamburini’s cam profiles are track-tuned, the engine produces its peak torque at a relatively low rpm. As a result, the Tamburini offers fierce yet flexible performance.

The engine produces super­lative power, but it also is designed to smooth aggressive deceleration. Rather than utilizing a traditional slipper clutch mechanism to minimize wheel hop, MV Agusta’s Engine Brake System (EBS) manages engine braking by controlling intake electronically. It is a confidence-inspiring complement to the technology that is capable of propelling the Tamburini to outrageous speeds.

Working in concert with the Tamburini’s advanced technology are traditional top-shelf components. The adjustable rear Sachs racing shocks feature the same lightweight construction as do Formula One cars, and the front Marzocchi forks are made from a billet aluminum base that has been treated with titanium nitride. The lightweight Marchesini wheels allow for sharp cornering, and the six-piston, single-block Nissin brakes produce powerful, fade-free stops. An Öhlins steering damper discourages potentially dangerous wheel wobble, while a single-sided magnesium alloy swing arm weighing only 9 pounds reduces unsprung weight.

The Tamburini’s production numbers will make this bike as exclusive as its technology: MV Agusta will build only 300, each with a gold plaque on its steering head and a price tag of $42,700.

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