Best of the Best 2011: Sedans: Jaguar XJ Supersport

With the arrival of so many new or thoroughly updated models from top manufacturers, 2011 could be called the Year of the Sedan. The best of the bunch perform on a par with world-class coupes and GTs. Among these is the Jaguar XJ Supersport (www.jaguar.com), the supercharged variant of the radically reshaped XJ that reflects the new look the brand introduced in 2008 with the popular XF.

Priced from $110,200 and also available in a longer, XJL version that adds five inches of rear-seat legroom, the Supersport is a 510 hp cruiser that is a true driver’s car—even if, in the XJL, rear-seat passengers are treated better than just about any others on the road.


The XJ retains plenty of old-world charm for Jaguar sentimentalists, but this is not your father’s Jag (my father drove a Mark II 3.8); it clearly sets the tone for a hip new generation of cats.

Penske Luxury

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